Aerial Services

We specialize in aerial photography for any kind of need, video commercials of all kinds, filming for television productions, including live documentaries, interventions and inspections for extraordinary or natural events.
Control high-definition video of towers, bridges, roads and everything 'and that' hard to reach by other means.

Aerial shots of shows, concerts, live events, motor sport etc.

Aerial photos of any kind up to altitudes unthinkable by other means.

All of our shooting in Full HD at a rate of 50 fps in order to obtain clarity and fluidity 'at the top.

We can also perform optical zoom directly in flight, all controllable with video  downlink in real time.

  • - Photos and aerial photos
  • - photo and aerial maps
  • - aereofotogrammetria
  • - television productions
  • - commercials
  • - commercials and web videos
  • - feature films
  • - sporting events, parades, concerts
  • - aerial photography for special events
  • - environmental surveys
  • - documentaries environmental
  • - monitoring and reconnaissance for natural disasters
  • - support to technicians and helpers etc..
  • - Aerial inspection for bridges and viaducts
  • - flight training courses for aerial video